‘Broad City’s’ Ilana Glazer + Abbi Jacobson React To Hillary Clinton’s Nomination As Colonial Women

Thank you Stephen Colbert

by daniel barna

On Thursday night, Hillary Clinton walked onto the stage in Philadelphia to formally accept the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. It was a historic moment over two centuries in the making, one that felt like a total moonshot not too long ago. But if watching a major political party nominate a woman for President was so moving for us, how would women from 1776 react?

Thankfully the skilled minds at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert built a time machine for us to find out. On Thursday's show, Stephen Colbert summoned correspondents Josephine Hindley and Abatha Whitmore, two colonial women from the year 1776, a year when women weren’t even allowed to vote, let alone run for office. Naturally, they were pretty verklempt when confronted with the progress we’ve made.

If Hindley and Whitmore bear a striking resemblance to Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, well, either they’re in some way related, or Colbert never did build that time machine, and this is one giant ruse constructed to get laughs for television. We're going to go with the latter. 

Watch Hindley and Whit—er, Glazer and Jacobson react to Hillary Clinton’s nomination above.