How To Turn Your Living Space Into An Instagram-Worthy Wonderland

Can you say furniture goals?

by Hafeezah Nazim

We here at NYLON love to take our living spaces to the next level. In the past, we've helped transform your homes into different Lana Del Rey music videos, create Solange-inspired sanctuaries, and even drape yourself in Lannister red to create a Game of Thrones havenBut this time, thanks to the experts at ABC Carpet and Home, you can now transform your living space to cater specifically to your vibe, one that's guaranteed to make you the envy of your friends and Instagram feeds.

Whether you're a grown punk, sophisticated witch, or simply can't let go of the glory that is millennial pink, these experts have got you covered. So what are you waiting for? See how you can elevate your living space in the video, and then shop the items below.


Produced by Ren Potts

Shot and edited by Daniel Huskey

Talent: Allie Lafon, Douglas McGeoch, Juliet Wells

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Grown Punk Living Space

Carnaby Street Sofa (above), $567-$1,299, available in-store only. 

Sent Sofia Round Ottoman$2,595, available online.

Aviva Stanoff Velvet Pillow In Teal, $75-$125, available online. 

Aviva Stanoff Velvet Pillow In Azalea, $75-$125, available online. 

Aviva Stanoff Mermaid Pillow In Citrine, $250, available online. 

John Derian For Astier De Villatte Raven Octagon Platter, $250, available online. 

Spider Web On Glass, $70, available online. 

Mquan Decorative Object, $120-$750, available online. 

Kartell Bloom Pendant In Gold, $1,024, available online. 

Millennial Haven

Softline Swivel Square Chair In Sky Blue, $1,269, available online.

Highline Round Ottoman, $585, available online. 

Bauhaus Bar Cart, $595, available online. 

Glas Italia Shimmer Side Table, $2,195-$2,295, available online. 

Kartell F/LY Pendant In Copper, $635, available online. 

Pyrite Specimen, $350, available online. 

Luminous Velvet Meditation Mat & Cushions, $110-$495, available online.

Mystic Venus Dinnerware In Pink, $22-$30, available online. 

Vintage Glassware & Crystals, available in-store at abc carpet & home.

Luminous Velvet Quilt In Pink, $595-$1,195, available online. 

Mouse Fairy (above), $495, available online. 

Assorted Books, prices vary, available online. 

Sophisticated Witch

Helix Steel Coffee Table In Black, $495, available online.

Vibration Glass Candlestick (above), $35-$45, available online. 

Incausa Breu Resin Incense, $14, available online. 

Incausa Hard Edge Incense Burners, $24, available online. 

Cobble Hill Daphne Dining Bench, $865, available online. 

Ash Cloud Vases, $45-$55, available online. 

Kartell Max Beam Side Table, $365, available online.

Sulafa Makhahel Pillow In Red, $99, available online.

Fleurs Enchantes Pillow In Celeste, $125, available online. 

Pixels Kaleidoscope Pillow, $19.99-$95, available online.

Diamond Medium Pendant In Black, $265, available online. 

Valerie Casado Ornamental Cross, $125, available online. 

YFNA Ceramic Large Sacred Geometry Plate In Dark Gray, $78, available online. 

Ash Log Stool, $375-$395, available online. 

Mouse Fairy, $495, available online.