How To Decorate Your Home Like A Solange Knowles Video

Take a seat at her table

Fact: Solange Knowles has long been a trendsetter in all sorts of cultural areas.

You need look no further than Knowles to be endlessly inspired in the realms of music, fashion, art, and beauty; her aesthetic is as forward-thinking as are her politics, and there's often an inspiring symbiotic relationship between the two, with Knowles challenging social and cultural norms through empowering imagery and stylistic choices.

One place in which her innovative and spot-on style is clearly evident is her music videos, which are works of art unto themselves. We would not be exaggerating to say that we—and many, many people we know—would happily inhabit the gorgeous and inspirational scenes she sets. And while that is not precisely possible, we can satisfy ourselves with the knowledge that at least we can try and decorate our homes to emulate some of Knowles' incredible visual work. Here then, are some ways to decorate your home based on three of Knowles' most awe-inspiring videos: "Losing You," "Cranes in the Sky," and "Don't Touch My Hair."

LOSING YOUThough four years old, this video feels as vibrant and relevant today as it did when it was first released. While there are only a few interior shots in the video, the ultra-saturated colors and gorgeous patterns from Knowles' outfits serve as more than enough inspiration for a similarly color-saturated and gorgeous home.

1. Elise Peterson, Octavia Butler Collage, $100, available at erp-shop.co.

2. HuttonandBrown, Vintage Paper Parasol, $58.25, available at Etsy.

3. Joe Cariati, Sofi Water Carafe and Tumbler, $170, available at Ahalife.

4. Novica Artisan, Crafted Purple Nylon Triple Mayan Hammock, $119.99. available at Novica.

5. Flavor Paper, Teardrop Wall, $9 per square foot, available at Flavor Paper.

6. Farrow and Ball, Paint in 'Arsenic,' $99, available at Farrow and Ball.

7. Slowdown Studio, Dorsey Throw, $230, available at Ahalife.

8. Crosley, Harper Wireless Speaker in 'Emerald,' $79, available at Urban Outfitters.

9. Ash, Chandigarh Office Armchair by Pierre Jeanneret, $7,300, available at The Line.

10. Jessica Hans, Lime Squiggle Vase, $300, available at Sincerely, Tommy.

11. Anthropologie, Leather Kimmeridge Sofa, $3,798, available at Anthropologie.

CRANES IN THE SKY Most of this video takes place either in the great outdoors or in rather stark interiors, albeit with some really lush plants. No matter, this home inspiration is all about the colors Knowles uses (as well as some brilliant gold fringe) and the beautiful clean lines of the scenery around her.

1. Flat Vernacular, Finisterra - Pacific Pink, $50, available at Flat Vernacular.

2. Hafod Grange, Paperweight - Goat's Beard - Large, $68, available at The Line.

3. Light Society, Sputnik-Style Chandelier, $196, available at Ahalife.

4. Brent Pafford Ceramics, Salt Croc, $32, available at Etsy.

5. Kentia, Palm Tree 60"$83.59, available at Houzz.

6. Walmart, Foil Curtain, Gold, $8.99, available at Walmart.

7. Anthropologie, Malachite Rug in Gold, $98 - $1,598, available at Anthropologie.

8. Unrequited, Love Chairs, $600, available at Sincerely, Tommy.

9. Urban Outfitters, Yvette Quilted Sofa, $849, available at Flat Vernacular.

10. Ash, Unlacquered Brass Curved Arc Stool, $1,400, available at The Line.

DON'T TOUCH MY HAIR This video is incredibly atmospheric and evokes everything from the time of Josephine Baker to the Harlem Renaissance while showing scenes of luxurious indoor pools and modern-day Roman baths. There's also some stunning geodesic dome architecture serving as a background, not to mention all that glorious tile to draw inspiration from...

1. Flat Vernacular, The Heavens Astra Blue Fabric, $120, available at Flat Vernacular.

2. Tile, in White Gloss Peny Round Porcelain Glazed, $6.99, available at the Builder Depot.

3. Lissa Liggett, Mermaid's Treasure Hanging Light Demi, $1,100, available at Ahalife.

4. Linea Germania, Yes, No, Maybe Textile, $75, available at Linea Germania.

5. Flat Vernacular, Peaks & Valleys - Seychelles, $50, available at Flat Vernacular.

6. Tom Dixon, Pylon Coat Rack, $1,800, available at Hive Modern.

7. Menuha, Gold Saturn Tray, $60, available at Ahalife.

8. Anthopologie, Shibori-Printed Harper Sofa, $2,898, available at Anthropologie.

9. Malabar, Wanderlust Side Table, $4,290, available at Ahalife.