This Video Captures How Absurdly Difficult Getting An Abortion Can Be

Funny…Not Really

What if trying to get your computer fixed was just like trying to get an abortion in one of the many U.S. states that have enacted a TRAP law? No, really, what if?

Well, you’d probably have to listen to several speeches about how maybe fixing your computer isn’t the right decision for you. You might also have to stand up to some rather invasive questioning about your intentions to fix your computer. Oh, and you would certainly hear some very questionable facts about what might happen to you if you did, indeed, yes, choose to fix that computer. Add to the fact that you’d probably have to travel hundreds of miles just to drop that Mac off with someone who knows what they’re doing, and you’d understandably be at your wit’s end (and without a working computer).

This is exactly what this video, from the good, good people of American Civil Liberties Union, demonstrates in a tart, funny, and piercing way. Starring—and apparently co-created by—comedian Cirocco Dunlap, the video zeroes in on the policies that require women to have government-drafted conversations with their doctors, to take in advice they don’t need, and to listen to questionable facts, all in an attempt to get them to abandon a difficult decision they’ve already made. It’s perfectly timed for the upcoming Supreme Court battle over TRAP laws and would be hilarious...if it weren’t also devastatingly true.