Adam Sample Is Addicted To The Weekend, Like You

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Long live the weekend. It's time to let loose, unwind, and, maybe, live out some fantasies. The turn up is very real. What's also very real is the feeling that you weekend (yes, it can be a verb) too hard. But, with all of those songs telling you to kick it until sunrise, the guilt comes later.

Well, Adam Sample is here to rid you of your sins. "Weekend" is your new low-key Friday-to-Sunday anthem. "Working a nine-to-five sucks," Sample tells us. "I've had my share of them living as a struggling artist in L.A. 'Weekend' is about looking forward to Friday because you get to see your friends, go wild, and recover by Monday." In the new video for the single, Sample and his crew get into more fantastical weekend activities than most, like rocking horse heads and smashing baked goods. Or, maybe that's just an L.A. thing? No matter, Sample's video is an escape and one that's sure to carry you throughout whatever it is you'll get into the next couple of days. As the great Miley Cyrus once said, "We run things, things don't run we." Go forth into the great unknown that is the weekend.