Watch Adele Get Down In The Video For “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

So many Adeles!

One of the more upbeat track's on Adele's world-beating album, 25, is "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)." So it makes sense that the poppy song gets a new video that features an Adele we're not quite used to seeing. Premiered during last night's Billboard Music Awards, right after Adele took home the night's top prize for Best Album, the video features the singer popping against a stark black background in a bright floral dress, standing completely and regally still as she sings the opening verse. But when the joyful chorus hits, Adele starts to dance as different versions of her begin to bleed into the frame and the light changes colors. It's a beautiful effect that lends an otherworldly physicality to her supernatural voice.  

Surprisingly, this is the first official music video Adele has released since stopping the earth's rotation with the Xavier Dolan-directed clip for "Hello." The album's second single, "While We Were Young," didn't get an official video (although Adele did release a video of her performing the song in a studio) because Adele couldn't settle on a concept that she felt was right, according to Vanity Fair. Adele is currently on tour, so if you want to see those dance moves live and in person, we suggest getting your hands on a ticket.