adidas attitude with remy banks & brock fetch

An established legend gets a fresh look from some young OG’s…

by Josh Madden

adidas attitude with remy banks & brock fetch

Whoever is running the show over at Adidas right now is killing it as far as I'm concerned. First of all the Atitude Hi is one of the illest classic styles. When I was a teenager I had

this pair in white black and grey

and I used to put on the Beastie Boys "Rhymin and Stealin'" and do G-stances in the mirror--needless to say I'm glad they brought this model back so I can commence to flex mode.

What's better than Adidas bringing back one of my favorite legendary sneakers is that they enlisted one of my close homies

Remy Banks

to keep things extra fresh and my favorite lens master

Brock Fetch

to capture the images. If you don't already know Banks is a member of Queens-based Hip-Hop collectives

World's Fair

and Children of the Night and Fetch is like a happier 

Glen Friedman


Ricky Powell

(who son'd me extra hard a dinner a few weeks ago)--in short he's a young OG.

Oh yeah, the shoe...well the Attitude Hi was introduced in 1986 in Knicks colors and soon ended up on courts, sidewalks, and coliseum floors in a multitude of colors. The OG colorway is available


now and I for one am hoping to see them come back in full force. You already know this is a classic fit and the campaign looks fresh to death. Big up to Adidas for rocking with some young legends, I'm gonna head over to the store to try these joints on now!