Photographed by Peter Simon/@a1array


adidas Originals And Pharrell Will Take You To The Pink Beach This Summer

Awaken the dream

by NYLON x adidas Originals

Athleisure should move with us. More importantly, though, athleisure should inspire us to move. Pharrell Williams is no stranger to the latter. Whether it’s as part of N.E.R.D., through collaborations with Gwen Stefani and Miley Cyrus, or on his solo work, Williams’ own brand of quirk is rooted in how the human body moves through space. His ongoing collections with adidas Originals tip their hat to that very notion.

Williams’ latest endeavor with the German sportswear leader is called Pink Beach. It’s a future-leaning collection replete with embroideries, graphic illustrations, iconic trefoil tees and varsity jackets, tanks, and more. New silhouettes, such as the Hawaiian shirts and culottes, come out to play, as well. Williams’ own illustrations and imaginations adorn the pieces, which adds to the creative, whimsy feel of the collection. What's more, some pieces tout the 528HZ label, which, according to science, is also known as the "LOVE frequency"—aka the frequency that connects your heart to the world, both spiritual and physical, around you. Bold pops of color excite the eye and inspire the body to get up and get going. The beach is typically a place of relaxation, but here at adidas Originals’ Pink Beach with Pharrell Williams, it’s all about the grind before the relaxation. 

Check out the new collection, in 3-D motion, in our exclusive GIF lookbook ahead.

Photographed by Peter Simon; Makeup by Colby Smith; Hair by Gloria Espinoza; Nails by Eda Midori; Styled by Marissa Smith

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