Adore Delano Is “Dynamite” In New Music Video

you know what you’re looking like?

Hello, Adore Delano is here to blow your Friday up. We're premiering Delano's debut music video today. It's called "Dynamite" and you can probably guess it's, well, just that.

Lifted from Delano's forthcoming album After Party, "Dynamite" finds the RuPaul's Drag Race star embodying the femme fatale persona. "There was a vibe I felt after hearing the finished version of 'Dynamite,'" Delano tells us over e-mail. "I wanted something super-visually stimulating and something with a quick story." Indeed, the video takes place in a sweaty nightclub, filled with red light and chiseled bodies. Delano seduces and vamps for the camera (and her lover.) "I've always been obsessed with super-strong female roles in movies, and Bond girls always made me question my homosexuality; so we added a hint of that as well. [It's] just a fun, retro, homage to stitch with the single." Take us to that midnight high, Delano. This video is tens across the board.