air jordan flashcards by kevin lyons

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    by · November 07, 2013

    air jordan flashcards by kevin lyons

    Here at NYLON Guys, we believe that education is of the utmost importance and no young man’s life can reach its full academic potential without certain learning supplements. When it comes to the subject of sneakers, there are few more embarrassing situations than complimenting a fellow on the street on his Jordan 6′s and being schooled to the fact that they are actually 7′s. All joking aside, “His Airness” has more hits than any other athlete and most rock stars combined. One of our favorite artists, Kevin Lyons, just released this limited edition set of 20 Air Jordan Flash cards to help in the fine subject of sneaker studies. Whether you’re schooling your young son, giving them as gifts, or maybe you’ll decide to frame these beautiful pieces to hang on your office wall--no matter what, there’s nothing else like them. There are only 250 of them available, so head over HERE and grab yours now. Follow Kevin on Twitter HERE and instagram HERE. Trust us when we say, you’ll love his art and his sense of humor.
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