synth-pop for every type of musical taste.

by rebecca willa davis

"We want anyone who listens to our music to have a great time, no matter who they are or what their preconceptions may be," is how Geoff Halliday, singer-keyboardist for the band Hands, puts their music. "Our music doesn't discriminate."

And the thing is, we don't think listeners will, either; the LA four-piece's debut album, Synesthesia (Kill Rock Stars), has something for everyone. Soaring choruses that instantly get stuck in your head? Look no further than album opener "Forward." Shimmering synth-pop more your thing? Listen to "Elegant Road." Want a bouncy dance floor-crowding anthem? Play "The Game Is Changing Us."

"It's our trademark push-and-pull that makes this a Hands album," explains Halliday, adding, "The electronic and live instruments, the dark feeling under light and uplifting chords, the pop hooks in non-pop structures." It's a sound that they've developed in a short time: Halliday and guitarist Ryan Sweeney started up as a duo in Philadelphia before they moved cross-country and recruited Sean Hess to drums and Alex Staniloff to bass, releasing their debut EP just a year ago.

The album, which officially comes out April 30, can be pre-ordered here--but if you don't want to wait, we can help: We've got the exclusive stream of Synesthesia.

Visit handssounds.com for more info.