photos by Andrew Toth and Jason Kempin/Getty Images

alexa chung + alexander skarsgård are officially dating

don’t freak out

by Allie Fasanella

A few months ago, rumors swirled that Alexa Chung was dating former True Blood actor and all-around hunk Alexander Skarsgård. But when People reached out to reps for Chung and Skarsgard's reps, they didn't comment. And so we were left hanging—wondering if it was all true, hoping it was, and waiting for the day when our fashion/vampire union daydreams would come to fruition. Well friends, it seems as if the day has finally come.

The couple was spotted showing some mild PDA at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in Prospect Park last week. Paparazzi photos show the (extremely) attractive twosome strolling hand-in-hand. They even cozied up in a shady spot under a tree together like the perfect, beautiful beings that they are. It looks like Chungård (we're sorry for that one, but it seemed like it needed to happen) is officially on.

Photo via FlameFlyNet