Alice Longyu Gao Wants Her “Hoe Time” Back

“Instead of shaming self-obsession, I think it is cuter to acknowledge it”

Alice Longyu Gao has one request, and it's pretty clear. She just wants her "hoe time" back. Is that too much to ask?

Gao's friend, singer-songwriter OFLO, inspired her to write the song when she "started her selfie photo shoot session" in the middle of Gao and producer Leo Bescotti's time in the studio. "She kept posing and her camera flashes, flashes, and flashes. Eventually, I made fun of her and said, “Wow you are such an Instagram hoe.” She complained and said, “But I want my hoe time back!” 

Gao has the right attitude toward the selfie-driven era. "Instead of shaming self-obsession," Gao explained, "I think it is cuter to acknowledge it. Current technology is encouraging us to embrace one’s own creativity and self-expression."

Gao took interest in these technologies one step further with the creation of her album's cover art. Animator Marite Aravena asked her if she wanted the "dollyface effect," and Gao was all in. 

Celebrate self-obsession with Gao's track "I Want My Hoe Time Back," premiering exclusively on NYLON.