The ‘Alien: Covenant’ Prologue Is One Big Space Party

James Franco is missing out

The first thing that struck us about the new prologue Alien: Covenant is that hey, James Franco is in this! But, of course, he is, because James Franco is in everything. He plays the captain of a ship that is on its way to build a new colony on a distant planet. He’s also mysteriously ill, an ominous sign given that this is a world where baby aliens burst out of people’s chests. In the clip, which is called “Last Supper,” he turns in early, and once the captain’s in bed, that means it’s time to throw down. In deep space, that means drinking whiskey and talking about cockroaches the size of poodles. Little do they all know that what actually awaits them is one of the most iconic monsters in movie history, and it’s ready to feast.

In the four-minute clip, we get a great look at the blockbuster’s sprawling cast, an eclectic crew of familiar faces and rising stars. Michael Fassbender plays Walter, a version of the android David he played in Prometheus, and you might recognize the girl he saves from choking as one of Emma Stone’s roommates in La La Land. That’s Callie Hernandez, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from her. Danny McBride is there as the ship’s resident jerk, and his wife is played by Amy Seimetz, who created The Girlfriend Experience. Leading the way is Katherine Waterston as Daniels, who’s replacing Sigourney Weaver as the woman who’s going to fuck some aliens up. Watch the clip above.