Alison Valentine Our Little Secret

say hello to pop’s next big thing.

by liza darwin

If you like Sky Ferreira, Katy Perry, and Charli XCX-- and duh, who doesn't?--then you're going to love Alison Valentine. The New York singer and songwriter first crossed our eardrums with her so-catchy-it-hurts single "Peanut Butter" several months ago. Since then she's had her effervescent tunes featured in everything from a Super Bowl ad to a Topshop runway show, and their next stop needs to be into your iTunes.

Peppered with shimmery melodies and airy vocals around a solid pop backbone, Valentine's forthcoming album is certain to be major. Before that, though, there's her new video for "Our Little Secret." One dash Heathers, one cup Clueless, and a hint of Jawbreakers, the dreamy concept clip has an unexpectedly edgy undertone. We don't want to spoil it, so get a first look below.

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