All About Pisces: Your Complete Guide

Everything you need to know

by christie craft

February 19–March 20

Symbol: The Entwined Fish

Ruling Planet: Neptune and Jupiter

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Body part: The Feet

Personal Mantra: “I Dream”

Crystal: Aquamarine, amethyst, kyanite, labradorite, turquoise, ametrine

Colors: Mauve, lilac, purple, violet, sea green, indigo

Luckiest Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24

Positive Traits: 

Imaginative, creative, empathetic, kind, compassionate, intuitive, selfless, nurturing, romantic, deeply spiritual, peaceful, adaptive, private.

Negative Traits: 

Prone to escapism, secretive, hypersensitive, pessimistic, lazy, addictive, depressive, moody, restless, self-destructive, self-martyring, overly giving.  

Most Likely BFFs: Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

Most Likely to be Bae: Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer

Most Likely to be Frenemies: Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aries

Famous Pisceans:


Kurt Cobain

Steve Jobs

Albert Einstein

Chelsea Clinton

Drew Barrymore

Dr. Seuss 

Jack Kerouac

Hubert de Givenchy

Shaquille O’Neal

George Washington


John Lewis

Simone Biles

Justin Bieber 

Steph Curry

Laura Prepon

Brooklyn Beckham

Olivia Palermo

Jessica Biel

Rob Kardashian

Johnny Cash

Olivia Wilde

Bryan Cranston

Eva Mendes 

John Turturro

Lemony Snicket 

James Taylor

Carrie Underwood 

Adam Levine

Steve Irwin

Fats Domino

Tea Leoni 

Eva Longoria

Victor Hugo

Frank Gehry

Jerry Lewis

Kelsey Grammer

Chris Martin

Floyd Mayweather

Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

Julie Bowen

Alexander Graham Bell 

Pisces, the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, finalizes the astrological year’s cycle in a powerful—and powerfully elusive—siphoning of characteristics belonging to the 11 signs preceding the Entwined Fish. Those born under this ultra-feeling water sign, roughly between February 19 and March 20, harbor sunken emotional treasures most other personalities do not have the strength to understand or withstand, for that matter. Being the most subconsciously intuitive sign of the zodiac, Pisces is also the most hypersensitive and empathic of the 12. The trademark Piscean will not only feel every facet of their own burdens and joys from all possible angles, they’ll also feel others’ feelings, too—whether or not they’re aware of it in the moment. It’s not at all uncommon for these folks to take on the sensations of others, even taking them home, like a nasty flu. 

Pisces is prone to absorbing psychic energy that manifests in the body and negatively affects their physical health easily. Although these deep creatures place so much weight on feelings and sensations, thanks to their highly evolved intuition, the Pisces-born are keenly focused on their inner journey from a spiritual perspective. That doesn’t mean they won’t stop and pick up a few hitchhikers on the way; Pisces fuels themselves by nurturing others and making sure they are in service to those in need, especially the most wounded, sometimes to the point of martyrdom and self-abuse. 

Compassionate, charitable, and always giving, Pisces are known for prioritizing others’ needs over their own vitals. Self-sacrifice pumps the Piscean ego, but their generousness can become excessive and make them an easy target for darker personalities to take advantage of their sensitive servants’ hearts. Alas, Pisces are known as some of the easiest people to trap, net, and spear. Those born under this sign must learn to harness their sharp intuition and maneuver away from predatory types.  

Despite Pisces’ quickness to come to the aid of sick puppies and wounded birds to ease their pain and healing process, the Fish don’t heal emotional injuries quickly or easily and tend to carry deep emotional scars for years or even life, just like their sister water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. Yet unlike the hard-shelled armor of Cancer the Crab or Scorpio’s fierce and furious venom sting, Pisces’ defense mechanism is evasion. These signs seem to have an uncanny ability to vaporize themselves when they feel threatened, disappearing into the haze of their own imaginations. The trademark of Pisces is their comfort in floating between realities, existing in their own spacey, introspective world and constantly fluctuating between the conscious surface and unconscious dreamworlds. It’s no wonder that so many people associate Pisces with fantasy, illusion, dreams, and secrets, then. It’s much safer for the Fish to swim below the surface and into the deep netherworld, far away from any predators sitting on the shores of reality. 

Those born under this sign are sometimes branded as space cadets because of their rich inner lives and deeply imaginative nature, but once again, this haziness associated with their presence is simply their way of staying out of harm’s reach. Fish are extremely self-aware and know the soft underbelly of their superpowers well. These personalities are usually keen to keep their gifts (and curses) under wraps, making Pisces one of the most private signs of the zodiac—yes, you guessed it: just like their watery siblings, Cancer and Scorp. Pisces’ slippery ways have earned them the reputation as the chameleons of the zodiac, even more so than the ever-changing, dualistic Gemini. 

Sensitivity is Pisces’ most famous trait, though it’s a misconception to consider these people pushovers. Absolutely, Pisces could let the waterworks flow and flood the earth with massive crocodile tears if the emotional circumstances are right. But Pisces is more likely to use their imagination and idealism to bounce back from tragedy and disappointment. And if things get really bad, they’ll rely on external substances—from food to drugs and alcohol. That trademark idealism tempers their hearts to be one of the most romantic signs, reveling in dreaming up wondrous delights for those they love. Pisces is still modest and a bit reticent in showing their affection first, though; gentle and on the shy side when touched by true love, Pisces loves to show their affection through their sterling artistic talents and sheer craftiness. It’s much easier for Pisces to live in their dream world, imagining what kinds of tender, thoughtful affections they’d shower on their lovers, rather than actually following through in the real world. 

Two fish swimming together entwined represent Pisces symbolically, illustrating the sign’s strength in flowing and adapting to life’s dynamic tides. Likewise, these personalities are the least likely to ever make waves—even when truly steamed, Pisces would rather swim off into the ether, keeping a cool composure and peaceful spirit. Two fish linked together in opposite directions allude to Pisces’ connection to dark and light, Yin and Yang, a dualistic nature rare for the all-or-nothing sensibility typical of water signs. 

As a water sign, Pisces belongs to the elemental group of deep sensitivity and emotional unpredictability—much like churning waters and oceans. Pisces-born people not only feel a great deal, they also tend to feel misunderstood because of their emotional depth and psychic intuition. Though Pisces might not crow and howl about it like Scorpio, the Fishes’ intensity, endurance, and pain threshold can rival the Scorpion’s, surprisingly. The way things, people, and situations feel is what’s most important, basing their actions on sense rather than cut-and-dry intellectual logic. Remarkably receptive signs, Pisces is profoundly understanding, never judgemental, and always compassionate in their approach. As the last of the three water signs, Piscean water energy is ultimately transformative, combining Cancer’s sentimental tides and Scorpio’s insane, unforgiving whitewater jet streams into an ocean capable of absorbing, processing, and healing the emotions of others conscientiously. Pisces’ watery energy awakens compassion in those lucky enough to experience it—and forcing open eyes, minds, and hearts to the needs of those who are struggling or in pain. 

But because Pisces is so receptive to external emotional pain, this sign has evolved to see the light of life through rose-colored lenses. In fact, Pisces can become so enmeshed in their own idealism and fantasy that they have a hard time distinguishing between fact, fiction, reality, and dreams. The Fish get so caught up in their own idea of what should be, they often fail to see how things presently are. Once Pisces realizes their dreamy ideals aren’t really being met here on planet Earth, these personalities are dangerously prone to sinking into melancholy, pessimism, laziness, depression, and even serious addiction. When the Pisces-born find themselves floundering in the wake of disappointment, they’d do well to take a chunk of time out to center themselves with grounding meditation. Many Pisceans immerse themselves in creative pursuits and the arts as a means to keep their feet firmly rooted in reality; most Fishes are extremely artistically talented. 

Pisces possesses dual ruling planets, Neptune, God of the Sea, and Jupiter, the king of all gods, in ancient times. Neptune is the planetary ruler of the subconscious, dreams, illusions, imagination, and fantasy, while Jupiter governs expansion, abundance, and luck. Not surprisingly, this cosmic pairing results in some unique, fascinating—even strange—energy for the Pisces personality. Primarily, the combination of Neptunian and Jupiter-ruled energy results in creativity and charitability, all with a penchant for the spiritual. Those born under this sign get their kicks from helping others, but only in the most imaginative and unusual ways. Pisces win others over easily with their touchy-feely, empathic sensibility. Neptune also holds sway over musical talent, making many born under Pisces naturally gifted with music, or at least passionate music lovers beginning in early childhood. 

Pisces belongs to a group of four signs called a “quadruplicity,” mutable signs are the adapters of the zodiac, as their signs come at the end of their season, concluding one and beginning another. Pisces arrives at the tail-end of winter and welcomes spring, Gemini comes as spring’s last hurrah before summer officially begins, Virgo finishes out summer and transitions into fall, and Sagittarius follows by closing fall into winter. Even though easygoing, somewhat timid Pisces can become a little uneasy when change occurs, as a mutable sign Pisces are not necessarily stubborn, but rather the shapeshifters of the zodiac who have the know-how and grit to go with the flow and make the best out of whatever situation they find themselves in. Flexibility is Pisces’ strength, and their gentleness allows them to transition from space to emotional space without a great deal of stress.

Not shockingly, Pisces gains energy by being near the water. The Pisces-born thrive off of beach-going, swimming, and water sports. Gliding around in a pool or even just taking a dip in a bubble bath can work wonders at alleviating Pisces’ trademark buildup of psychic stress. Pisces’ mind is restless and uneasy frequently when under pressure, so it’s important for this sign to make plenty of time for self-care. Once the mind is well cared for, Fishes must be diligent with looking after their feet—the feet are ruled by Pisces, making this sign prone to aches, pains, injuries, and circulatory problems here. 

What’s more, Pisces is also extremely sensitive to fluctuating temperatures, which can result in respiratory illness for these signs. Pisces can also be quite neurotic and become dependent on indulgent foods, making this sign perceptible to diabetes and weight gain. Worse, because of Pisces’ absorbency of psychic energy and emotional stress, this is one of the most likely signs to become addicted to substances, particularly when they lose touch with reality for extended periods of time. Because of the Fishes’ fragile nature, it’s very hard for these signs to recover once they’ve become ill or worn down by physical stress. It’s integral for Pisces to take care of themselves, especially when it comes to gentle regular exercise, plenty of sleep, minimal psychological stress, and a decently balanced diet. 

Physical Traits: How to Spot a Pisces 

As the most powerful chameleons and shapeshifters of the zodiac, Pisces is one of the hardest signs to spot in a crowd. The Pisces-born possess a mysterious, elusive quality not unlike flowing water, with a mystic ability to change themselves at will. Pisces could be classified as having the greatest powers of glamouring—that is, energetically projecting an outward image of their choosing for the hapless onlooker. No matter what, Pisces tends to be elegant and refined in their appearance and physique. 

The Pisces stature gives an air of benevolence, gentleness, and silence as they glide through the world on a misty, whimsical gait. The Fishes’ posture is charmingly imperfect, usually skewed to one side asymmetrically with full, strong shoulders. Since Pisces is ruled by the feet, those born under this sign tend to either have larger than usual or oddly small, delicate feet that cap off shapely, elegant legs. Pisces health is prone to be fairly fragile due to their absorbent, empathic nature, so their bodies aren’t naturally strong. However, with dedication to fitness and strength training, any Pisces can build themselves up.  

Pisces are known for their luminous, glowing skin that looks and feels delicate and youthful well into their years. Their features tend to reflect light—not unlike moonlight shining off the ocean’s glassy surface. This sign tends to possess bright, dreamy bedroom eyes, usually light or luminescent in color with a melancholy, oceanic sheen. Often their eyes are large and sleepy with a hypnotic, fixed, even slow gaze. Still, their eyes are undeniably alive, sometimes penetrating or intimidating—typical of all water signs. The Pisces face is characteristically full and childlike, usually with prominent dimples or an impish, smirking smile. Pisces are also famous for their lush facial hair.  

Personal Style

Pisces is the most whimsical, romantic sign of the zodiac, eclipsing Libra’s classic romance with a bold sense of fantasy and sartorial adventurousness. The Pisces-born tend to lean toward flowing, fantasy-driven silhouettes, soft fabrics, and shimmering textures. Pisces don’t necessarily like to stick out in a crowd, but they do project their sense of imagination and idealism through their wardrobe. Soft, muted pastel colors are Pisces’ druthers, like mauve, lilac, oceanic teals, and seafoam greens. Yet Fishes can’t go wrong with bold, psychic-driven colors like royal blue, aubergine, burgundy, indigo, and classic monochrome black. 

Otherworldly accessories are really where Pisces’ personal style shines. The Pisces personality can’t turn down a mystical piece of jewelry—usually fabricated with natural crystals and stones, preferably crafted by hand with plenty of esoteric meaning and healing properties galore. Rare creativity is the name of the game when it comes to the accessories adorning this sign. But since Pisces rules the feet, shoes tend to be this sign’s favorite method of fashionable expression. Pisces might have an entire closet filled with wacky, unique pairs of heels—even if they don’t always have an occasion to wear them to, they’ll find a party to rock those platforms. 

Compatible Signs

Pisces is affable enough and will be drawn to most signs—at least once before they get burned. The Fishes’ timid, private nature means that this sign will keep to themselves slightly, especially if they’ve had a bad experience interpersonally recently. More often than not, though, Pisces will feel their way through a crowd and pick out suitable companions and potential friends simply based on the vibes and sensations they pick up on using their psychic intuition. When a Pisces is attracted to you, you’ll know straight away: You both will have the indelible feeling that you’ve known each other for centuries, perhaps from a past life. 

Pisces is healthiest when they are surrounded by those who are as empathetic as themselves (or close to it, at least) and accepting of their complex emotional composition. They know it’s too much to ask to be completely understood emotionally; Pisces craves pure acceptance. So, these signs gravitate to like-minded Water signs, such as Scorpio, Cancer and other Pisces. Wild, passionate Scorpio and Pisces are an intimidatingly psychic duo; Cancer and Pisces could flood the world with their shared nurturance and compassionate, healing energy. Earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—are balancing agents to Pisces’ vast ocean waves. 

Shadow Side

For all of Pisces’ romantic, lovely compassion and generosity, there lies a deep, dark subterranean layer crawling with downright terrifying beasts. Surprising, isn’t it? All the deepest signs—and by that I mean water signs—carry intimidating, even dangerous depths capable of crushing other signs. Treachery tends to come hand-in-hand with strength in astrology. 

Firstly, thanks to Pisces’ talent for cooking up alternate realities, the Fish-born are sharply prone to escapism. If Pisces doesn’t want to face something, they simply don’t have to; they can just imagine a secondary universe and slip into another dimension. While that notion is extremely alluring in times of stress and emotional pain, it’s simply not real—or based in logic. Avoidance and procrastination are easy traps for Pisces to slip into, leaving the real world to crumble in disarray. Once flower-child Pisces is tethered back to earth, they’ll find their world in shambles, far worse off than when they left it behind, kicking themselves for creating a bigger mess. 

A part of escapism is Pisces’ propensity for laziness and lethargy, usually as a side-effect of a gloomy mood. At worst, these pessimistic, moody tendencies can blossom into outright depression and neurosis—Pisces, like their sisters Scorpio and Cancer, are very prone to mental illness, especially in the vein of depression and anxiety. Thus, self-care and mental health must be a top priority for these signs. Emotional restlessness and electric hypersensitivity can lead to self-medication, ultimately leading many Pisces down the dark path of addiction and self-destruction. Kurt Cobain is a tragic example of a famous Pisces who never felt understood or accepted as a brilliant artist, forcing him to slip into codependency that destroyed him. 

Pisces are extremely private, but this trait can quickly devolve into secrecy. The Pisces-born don’t like to ask for help or lay their burdens on anyone else’s shoulders; one, because they already feel freakish enough in their own sensitive, scaly skin, and two, because they’d never want to hurt someone else with their personal pain (Pisces’ empathy makes them naturally assume everyone can feel others’ emotions, not just them). As natural caregivers, Pisces can become addicted to generosity and giving, subconsciously martyring themselves until they have nothing left to give themselves. The Piscean propensity for overdoing generosity to the point of self-destruction is the equivalent of emotional self-mutilation, cutting, or an emotional eating disorder. A cardinal theme of Pisces’ inner journey must be to learn emotional moderation; giving of oneself will achieve nothing but self-inflicted wounds when all Pisces craves is pure acceptance and unconditional, spiritual love.