Watch Shailene Woodley Go Beyond The Wall In The New ‘Allegiant’ Trailer

it all comes down to this

by daniel barna

Tris sure has come a long way since first finding out she was Divergentsomething she comes to terms with in the brand new trailer for Allegiant, the penultimate film in the franchise. And how will she celebrate her coming of age? The same way every teenager does! She's leaving home, of course. Only in this case, home is a dystopian Chicago, and leaving it means seeing what lies beyond the wall for the very first time.

Lucky for Tris, she'll have company. Once again, Shailene Woodley is joined by an impressive cast that includes Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Zoe Kravitz, and Miles Teller, all of whom have become pretty big stars in their own right since the first Divergent movie came out way back in 2014.  

Find out what lays in store for Young Hollywood's finest, when Allegiant hits theaters March 18. Watch the trailer above.