NYLON x Aloft Hotels Playlist

synth-pop, indietronica, italo-disco, disco and more

by christie chu

NYLON loves music. Aloft Hotels loves music. Why not make a playlist? We've put together the ultimate 15-song dance soundtrack for you to celebrate NYLON's 15th anniversary. Whether you're into great synth-pop, that song in American Hustle (yes, it was Donna Summer), or in the mood to discover, we've got the goods to satisfy your music needs. Plus, don't forget to treat your ears to the Project Aloft Star winners, HITS and My Body. Go ahead and click through to hear some specially curated tracks to stomp your feet to!

PS. Stay tuned for year three of Project Aloft Star coming to you this summer! #Aloftlive

*This post was sponsored by Aloft Hotels