Alpaca Republic Music Video

like candid camera, but with an indie rock soundtrack.

by rebecca willa davis

What would you do if someone threw a shoe at you? Or a VHS tape? Or even a knife?

That's the question posed in the new music video for Alpaca's "Republic"--and one that's kinda thrilling to watch, even as it makes us a bit uncomfortable.

And that it's all soundtracked by a tropical electro-pop gem that's about as easy-going as a song gets (accentuated by guest singer Halina Larsson's silky smooth vocals)? Well, it makes the entire set-up even more fascinating. Alpaca's the new project of Allen Blickle, who had been the drummer of hard-rocking Baroness before taking a break following a major bus accident, and his ex-step brother Justin Nuckols. Their debut full-length, Demimonde, just came out, so if "Republic" has you feeling so mellow that you wouldn't even flinch at an axe headed towards your head, you should probably pick it up.

Watch our exclusive premiere of "Republic" below...and then watch out for flying objects.