6 Alternative Ways To Spend Your Black Friday

    Do something meaningful instead of camping out in that parking lot

    by · November 22, 2016
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    Black Friday is one of those shopping “holidays” that just really, really bugs me. While I can somewhat understand the appeal—we all want to snag a new TV for next to nothing—is it really worth pitching a tent in a parking lot for an entire night? No. Not for me, at least. Come on guys, it’s November. It’s cold.

    Let’s also not forget how dangerous Black Friday proved to be in the past. Not to sound preachy, but it’s led to stampedes, scuffles, and other mishaps, earning itself its very own death count website. What kind of shopping holiday is that? Who wants to die because they really wanted to get something for an extra 20 percent off?

    Even if you decide to not camp out, and you don’t find yourself putting your life at risk of being trampled on by an angry mob of coupon-cutters, you’re still bound to deal with an annoying amount of crowds and long, long lines. Look at it this way: On Friday, you’re probably going to wake up still too tired and full of turkey to want to do anything with your day, and if it’s just going to be to standing in an extremely long line with hoards of other people, why bother?

    Just in case I haven’t said enough to convince you, let’s take a look at this video from Black Friday a few years back.

    Does this look appealing to you? It sure doesn’t to me.

    Below, find six solid alternative ways to spend your Black Friday that involve being nowhere near the bargain-mad masses. Your wallets, your well-being, and the well-being of others will thank you.

    Click through the gallery below to read our suggestions.

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