Photo by Cam Fairfax


Alxxa’s Latest Song Is A Kiss Off To “Icy Love”

We’re premiering it here!

For a song called "Icy Love," alxxa's latest is straight fire. (We'll attribute it to the power of her fiery hair.)

The L.A. artist is kicking the new year off on a high note with a follow-up to last year's contagious "Nobody" and a handful of other singles that peppered 2017. "Icy Love" brightens up the space "Nobody" carved while maintaining the slinky swagger that made "Nobody" an instant bop. With Gabe Sackier producing, alxxa found a way to tell an "empowering 'moving on' type of story" in a "sexy and poetic" way. Ice, she tells us, was simply chosen because it's a dynamic medium—it cools, and it can burn. "There was a lot of that hazy inspiration," she laughs. 

"It's definitely a stepping stone song for me to help move on from the dude," she adds. 

Get into this love, below.