Alyson Stoner Debuts A Brand-New Self In Her Video For “Back To Church”

She’s back and stronger than ever

This is Alyson Stoner's year. After a stellar debut with February's "Woman," Stoner is ready to show another side of her: the dark one. Where "Woman" touted confidence and self-assurance, "Back To Church" plays with desire, spontaneity, and risk-taking. It's a surefire club banger—one that invites you to dance with your own devil.

The video finds Stoner embracing her darker side through intense choreography and some Instagram-ready makeup. Speaking to us over email, Stoner explained that the video is "about rejecting the polished, insincere facade I hid behind, and uncovering the raw, untamed, impulsive mess underneath." It was filmed on a downtown Los Angeles rooftop that was transformed into a jungle scene. Stoner said she enters "apprehensively, unsure of what I'll find but determined that I'm meant to be there." As the video progresses, Stoner discovers her own voice through movement and, of course, song. "This whole video showcases my personal journey of venturing beyond rehearsed choreography and calculated artistry into the freestyle world and my own spontaneous, genuine creativity," she added.

"Back To Church" is available now.