10 Questions With Alyssa Lenore

Get to know the Styled & Smitten blogger

Lifestyle blogger Alyssa Lenore recently dropped by the NYLON studio to give us the inside scoop on how her gorgeous aesthetic came into existence. In her interview with NYLON Assistant Editor Austen Tosone, Lenore shares everything from how she originally gained traction on Tumblr to how her blog changed along with new developments in online communication (aka how it migrated from Tumblr to Instagram). Luckily for us, the New York-based blogger strays from the usual enigmatic aura of most influencers of her caliber and openly shares how she edits her photos and plans out her outfits. 

Watch the video now to get all the important details. We can only hope a little bit of Lenore's dreamy Instagram curation talents rubs off onto our own grids.