American Horror Story Hotel Teaser Trailer - Lady Gaga

20 seconds of fear

Anyone who has seen any season (or episode) of American Horror Story knows that there is so much more to the show than immediately meets the eye—sometimes it's the subtleties that translate into real fear. The first trailer for AHS Hotel showed us both the creepy darkness and the uncanny glamour of Ryan Murphy's new, eerie world. But in the latest teaser, we see that real terror arises from anticipation.

This 20-second clip gives a peek at the decaying and decrepit green-shaded part of the hotel and one of its spooky employees. (No; none of the major characters are shown here.) It's dismal at most.While there may not be a ton of action in the scene, we just know that there is more horror to come. After all, sometimes less is more. (This is made evident by the season's previous short-but-sweet teasers.) And if it wasn't clear by now, we know that in this hotel, no one is safe.

(via Oh No They Didn't)