Photo: Courtesy of FX; E!.


Weird, Wonderful Things Happen When ‘AHS’ Keeps Up With The Kardashians

time to log off. this wins.

If you can think of it, it probably exists on the Internet. And if it does’t, it will. This week, the Internet has gifted us a collage of two of pop culture’s most polarizing things: American Horror Story and the Kardashians. In one 15-second video, Saint Hoax, a “pseudonymous Middle-Eastern artist and sociopolitical activist” on a “PoPlitical journey,” has painted a picture many of you out there have likely thought or voiced angrily in a comment section: That the Kardashians are an American horror story. But my, how glamorous. It could hold a candle to this season’s Hotel Cortez. Aside from Saint Hoax’s obvious commentary on horrors we've brought upon ourselves by basically funding this family’s luxurious life (we are all to blame!), it’s just plain clever. It’s one of those things that makes you think, Huh, I sometimes do love the Internet. The haphazard photoshop faces Saint Hoax flashes over Kylie and Kim’s are a perfect hat tip to Ryan Murphy’s creepy opening credits editing. Applause all around.