Amy Adams Confronts An Alien Invasion In The Mysterious ‘Arrival’ Trailer

In Amy we trust

by daniel barna

If an army of potentially hostile aliens decided to pay our tiny planet a visit, who better to convince them that we're really not that bad than Amy Adams? That seems to be the premise behind Arrival, the upcoming sci-fi saga from Sicario director Denis Villeneuve.

In the film's first trailer, we meet Adams' linguist Louise Banks, who must join forces with a pair of government agents (played by Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker) when a fleet of ominous extraterrestrial vessels touch down on earth. “There are days that define your story beyond your life,” Adams' character says in the trailer. “Like the day they arrived." This being just a teaser, we don't actually get a glimpse of the aliens themselves, which just heightens the level of intrigue. 

Based on Ted Chiang's 1998 short story "Story of Your Life," Villeneuve's alien drama is set to hit the festival circuit this fall, which means the studio has high hopes for its Oscar potential. Those of us not hitting the Venice Film Festival or the Toronto International Film Festival later this year will have to wait until November 11 when Arrival, er, arrives in theaters. 

Watch the teaser above.