Amy Schumer Crashed A Wedding In Ireland

two newlyweds got the best surprise ever.

Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow took a break from promoting their new film, Trainwreck, and stumbled upon a wedding party at a local pub. What happened next may just be a hilarious premise for their next collaboration.

Instead of buying newlyweds Eithne McAdams and J.P. Swine a celebratory drink, the comedy superstars got comfortable by sitting at the couple’s table. They then started a full-fledged sing-along. Led by Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard (who just so happened to be there), Schumer and Apatow lended back-up vocals.

Sure, Schumer and Apatow didn’t know the words to the Irish songs, but it’s the sentiment that counts—and we’re willing to bet this was a day the newly married couple will never forget, for more reasons than one.

(via MTV)