Amy Schumer Drunkenly Ate Jake Gyllenhaal’s Birthday Jake

as you do

We want to be Amy Schumer's best friend. Not because she has one of the funniest comedy shows on TV. And not because she's become one of the most unabashedly outspoken feminist celebs. We want to be her best friend because she's just as hilarious when she's out of the spotlight as she is when she's onscreen, and because, let's be honest, she'd be a lot of fun to grab a couple of drinks with—as she proven with the following confession on Late Night With Stephen Colbert.

Amy Schumer and her sister needed a place to stay, so they rented out Jake Gyllenhaal's two-bedroom apartment, even though Schumer hadn't met the actor before. (Side note: Is Jake G's apartment on Airbnb?) So, she did what everyone would do while staying in a celebrity's home and scoped out everything, including the freezer, which is where Schumer discovered something remarklable: an old, frozen, partially-eaten birthday cake seeming to have been intended for one of Gyllenhaal's ex-girlfriends. Add a little bit of alcohol, and the comedienne found herself drunkenly eating the cake (with no utensils, obv) and filming herself doing so—so luckily, we can experience her shenanigans just as if we were right there with her.

We can't say if we would have been as brazen as to eat a celebrity's leftover cake. But we've got to admit that Schumer's decision to snack on her discovery may have been one of her best (and more hilarious) decisions yet—especially since we can watch her doing it, in the video below.

(via Cosmopolitan)