Photo via @amyschumer Instagram

amy schumer and jennifer lawrence are jet-skiing bff’s

all the #FriendGoals

by leah cunningham

Friends who jet ski together, stay together. After Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence pitched the idea to start a Kickstarter to get comedian Amy Schumer on the next The Bachelorette—and Schumer simultaneously freaked out over Lawrence simply saying her name—the actresses have become #FriendGoals.

Recently, Schumer posted a picture of the pair's casual hangouts on Instagram, if you define "casual" as riding a jet ski. In the photo, JLaw takes the wheel, while Schumer holds on tight, considering she playfully labeled jet ski-driving Lawrence a "maniac." Watch out, Taylor Swift, it looks like Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are the sweet beginning of a new A-list friend squad.