Amy Schumer Shoots down a Critic for His Sexist Joke

don’t mess with amy

Jackson Murphy is a teen film critic who runs the website Lights Camera Jackson. He is not, however, a comedian. Murphy was invited to last night's Critics' Choice Awards, where he managed to snap a picture with actual comedian Amy Schumer on the red carpet. He then shared the image on his Twitter with the very unfortunate caption, "Spent the night with @amyschumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that" Oof.

We get what Murphy thought he was doing—playing off Schumer's self-made persona as a promiscuous party girl, brought to life most vividly in last year's Trainwreck. But what he didn't understand is that only one person gets to make jokes about Amy Schumer sleeping around, and that person is Amy Schumer. Murphy must have thought he was being clever, because he tagged her name. What he probably didn't expect was for Schumer to not only see his post, but to shame him for it. Murphy took down the post and apologized to Schumer, but not before it was screencapped. You can see it below, along with Schumer's response.

Later in the night, Schumer took the stage to accept the MVP Award, and gave one of those flawless acceptance speeches that have become her trademark. Watch it below.