Amy Schumer Perfectly Shut Down This Swedish Heckler

“Show us your tits!”

When comedians take the stage for live stand-up performances, they subject themselves to the mercy of their audience. This week, Amy Schumer was faced with an obscene request from a man in the crowd in Stockholm, Sweden, who had the audacity to shout, "Show us your tits!"

Schumer handled the heckler in a manner that we deem equally appropriate: She called him out so she could humiliate him in front of everyone. “Okay, wait, I want the guy who just yelled ‘show us your tits’ to come up here,” Schumer said. “Everybody point at him, so I know which one.”

After identifying him by his "I love pussies" T-shirt, Schumer proceeded to inquire about his profession. "Sales?" Schumer confirmed his response. "How's that working out? Is it going well? Because we're not buying it."

“Don’t throw him out, just look him in the eye, tell me if you’re going to see a scarier motherfucker than that guy," she added. "I’ll show my tits when I want to.”

Unfortunately, he started shouting again after their chat, so Schumer kicked him out. The crowd showed support by clapping as he was removed from the audience. This act truly deserves a standing ovation. Sexism should never be tolerated by anyone anywhere. 

Sorry not sorry, but this is not a peep show. Watch Schumer take him out in the video, below.