Andrew St. James - A new classic

Check out this artist with chops way beyond his years…

by Josh Madden

Believe it or not, we listen to 100-percent of the music sent in to NYLON HQ--whether it's late night, on the train, or over the weekend, every single MP3 gets a spin. When Andrew St. James reached out a while back and asked us to check out his single "Visions," it was a kind of stop-in-your-tracks moment for the simple fact that the song sounded like some kind of un-released, woulda0-been-hit from the '70s. The even bigger surprise came when, after the fact, we found out that the sonic progeny was a mere 18 years old. Yeah... needless to say, our collective interest was peaked.

Shortly after our e-mail exchange, St. James showed up to hang in NYC and we sat down to talk about everything from how he started performing at the age of four to his favorite bands. The young songwriter with an old soul talked about The Beatles, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, and The Grateful Dead the way most kids talk about Avicii. When asked "If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive?" St. James replied," Neil Cassidy." Needless to say, this dude is a rare find and his music is the product of a steady diet of pure classics.

During his NYC visit Andrew recorded "Live in NYC" at Rockwood Music Hall and is releasing it via Noisetrade to give his fans something to tide them over while he works round the clock on his studio follow up to his 2013 debut Doldrums.

This live record is nine tracks of honest, stripped-down St. James, and we think this is a perfect introduction to him if you haven't already heard his music. His voice has just the right amount of twang to complement his heartfelt folk songs. There's something about hearing a jam in its rawest form that makes you feel a connection with the singer. And in the case of this record, you'll feel like you're hanging in your living room with St. James as he plays for you.

Follow this incredible artist on the rise on Twitter HERE--even better, check out his Facebook as you listen to this awesome set of songs, which you can download at HERE tomorrow!