Angel Haze Dirty Gold

angel haze’s album, the oscars trailer, and harry potter: the play!

by liza darwin

She's always been rad, but this week Angel Haze got about 100 times cooler in our eyes. You've probably heard about the emerging hip-hop star's Twitter beef with her record label over release drama-- which led to her leaking the album online herself. Yes, it was risky..and yes, the album was removed from Soundcloud almost immediately. But you know what? She took matters into her own hands and it totally worked. Now she has an earlier release date (December 30th, mark your calendars!), and a 13-minute album sample, which she dropped today. Listen here! (Pitchfork)

This is HUGE: Harry Potter is going to be a play! And even better, it's going to be produced by JK Rowling herself. This morning she announced that she will be creating a play based upon Harry's life before he leaves for Hogwarts, and will "explore the previously untold story of Harry's early years as an orphan and outcast." They're working on crafting the story now, and expect it to open in about two years in London. That's a long way from now, but hey, at least it gives us time to save money for the plane ticket? (USA Today

Fingers crossed she stays true to this New Year's resolution, because reportedly Alexa Chung wants to launch a clothing line next year. "All I want to do is design clothes," she said. "But you need loads of money to set up a label. It's quite complicated, and I have no f**king idea how you do it. But that's pretty much all I want." C' have to make it happen! Getting dressed in the morning would be so much easier if we had a closet of Alexa-designed clothes to pick from. (Grazia)

New photos from That Awkward Moment, featuring Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Imogen Poots? We'll take it. Especially given that (ahem) trailer. (Collider)  

The first Oscars trailer has landed! Watch it below for some incredible Ellen Degeneres dance moves. (MTV)