Good Listener

the five new songs from this week that will blow your mind.

by nylon

White Lung - "Blow It South"

Longtime fans of this Vancouver punk band may be pleasantly surprised by the direction of their new seven-inch single. Frontwoman Mish Way's vocals are still scathing, and delivered at a blistering pace that matches the song's rapid-fire guitar, but overall the single has a smoother, more rounded-out sound than the band's previous efforts. ANDREA HUANG

Honeyblood - "Bud"

Consider filmmaker Vera Chytilova's Daisies added to Netflix queue. Inspired by the Czech feminist’s absurdist farce, Honeyblood’s video for their first single "Bud" finds the Scottish duo frolicking in fields and tea partying with cats to sunshiny indie-pop. Tell us, what is there not to love about any of that? MELISSA GIANNINI

Kelela - "Keep It Cool"

This song off Kelela-s 13-track debut mixtape does exactly what the title implies, providing four minutes and 10 seconds of the chilliest, illest synth-ed-out R&B we've heard all week. MG

Saâda Bonaire - "The Facts"

The myriad sounds competing for your attention in this oddly catchy track recorded nearly 30 years ago in Germany feel fresh and dated in a way that is kind of blowing our minds right now. We're just going to shut up and listen. We highly suggest you do too. MG

Angel Haze - "Echelon (It's My Way)"

The first single to drop from Angel Haze's upcoming full-length Dirty Gold finds the Detroit-born rapper spitting her signature aggy boasts at a pace that makes the song's synthy sample feel even more breathy, but, damn--more than anything we so wish we'd gotten an invite to the video shoot. No worries, we've laid out our cutout swimsuits and gassed up the four-wheeler so we'll be ready for the next one. MG