Photo by Maria Jose Govea; Illustrated by Liz Riccardi


Anna Lunoe’s February Playlist Is For The Go-Getters

Find your true calling

Anna Lunoe needs no introduction. The Australian DJ, producer, vocalist, and new mom (!!!) has sonic tricks up her sleeves that get your bones shaking, each more unexpected and sublime than the last. Her latest single, "Godzilla," comes with a drop so majestic, it's hard to believe it's real. But like Lunoe herself, it is all too real—a quality which makes her new monthly playlist series so exciting. Check back here each month for an exclusive Lunoe-curated playlist. This month, she's comin' at ya with chill beats for the chillier nights. (How many NYLON favorites can you spot?)

"So far, 2018 feels like one big rebrand to me. Everyone in music is resetting, rebranding, and rediscovering their artistry. As the year slowly ramps up, I'm spending a lot of time putting plans into action. This playlist is designed to keep you company as you redefine your self and face the year head-on. A little bit of introversion and a lot of hard work and focus required!" —Anna Lunoe