Anna Of The North Wants You To Be Her “Baby”

Pick up your phone, dammit

We've grown quite fond of Anna Of The North—comprised of singer Anna Lotterud and producer Brady—over the years with her moody music that comforts us at all hours of the day. Last month, the Norwegian duo released a new single called "Baby." The twirling, synthesized song is about being in love with someone even though you're not sure how they feel about you, which she says "is a horrible feeling."

The track feeds off that sense of heartache and vulnerability, and the duo and has grown even more attached to it now that they are both out of relationships. NYLON is officially premiering the music video for "Baby," which was directed by Peter Pint. The shoot took place when she had a day off in Lisbon, Portugal, during her most recent tour cycle. Lotterud broke down the elaborate concept for the video, which is honestly something that almost everyone on the planet can relate to.

"We've all been in the position when you're texting your crush and all of a sudden things change, and the person stops answering you," she said. "Time moves so slowly and you won't let your phone out of your sight. Your phone makes a sound and you're so excited, but the next second you feel like shit 'cause it was just your mom asking if your day was okay. Fucking technology."

Watch the frustrating vision come to life in the footage, below.