turns out the young carrie bradshaw likes river rafting…

by ali hoffman

You may know her from her role portraying Bethany Hamilton in Soul Surfer. Or maybe you remember her alongside Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (she played Violet). And for the small percentage who are not familiar with AnnaSophia Robb, this is will definitely change come January with the premiere of the new C.W. series The Carrie Diaries, in which Robb plays a young Carrie Bradshaw.

At only 18 years old, the blonde actress has accomplished more than most do in lifetime. But regardless of how packed her work schedule may be, Robb will always make time to go home to Denver, Colorado for a few good hikes with friends, a walk around Pearl Street Mall, and maybe a quick river-rafting trip if the weather's right for it.

Check out her guide to Denver below!

The Alpine Slide (18301 West Colfax Avenue)

"Aw man! This is making me homesick! So you get on a piece of cardboard and go down this slide. I went a bunch as a little kid, but it's still really, really fun."

The Woods

[Sisters Shawn Hecox and Samantha Hitchcock] are jewelry designers in Denver who use rough cut diamonds and gems, but then she mixes them leathers and little charms. I like it because it's nice jewelry but it also looks kind of rustic and it all feels really delicate."

Regal Vintage (1866 South Broadway)

"My favorite thrift store!  You can always find something wild there. My friend and I found a cheerleader uniform from my high school in the '80s--I bought it and wore it to homecoming!"

The Brown Palace (321 17th Street)

"I love going to high tea. Oh my gosh, tea is my favorite thing ever! Every year one of my friends and my mom and I go; we get all dressed up and they have those cute little sandwiches. It's the best."

Case Bonita (6715 West Colfax Avenue)

"Denver has great Mexican food. But this place is more about the show. Basically, there's a performance with this guy in a gorilla suit… and there's a waterfall. It's crazy. It's like dinner and a show, but so, so fun if you go with a bunch of friends."

The Mayan Theater (110 Broadway)

"It's this really beautiful art house theater. I like going to films there because it feels cozy and intimate. And they show really, really good movies."

The Shoppe (3103 E. Colfax Ave.)

"They have cupcakes and all that kind of stuff. But I love cereal! This places is amazing because you can make your own concoctions-- you can mix Cap'n Crunch with little, mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And they give it to you in this huge container. It's delicious!"