antje traue in nylon guys

    Man she is bad...

    by · June 14, 2013

    Antje Traue in NYLON Guys

    The long awaited, much anticipated Man of Steel hits the big screen this weekend and with it the stunning Antje Traue. The actress is a world different than the character--Gerneral Zod’s stone-faced henchwoman Faora--she portrays in the film. In this month’s issue of NYLON Guys she actually tells the writer, “I’d like it if you just walked around telling people, ’Man she is bad”. Traue, a native of Berlin, made her English debut in the 2009 sci-fi horror film Pandorum, and while Man of Steel is only her second she already has several other projects lined up. She knows, however, that when it comes to introducing herself to American audiences, it doesn’t get any bigger than the man with the cape. “Superman embodies the American culture,” she says, “He’s the ultimate immigrant.” Check out the entire story on page 122 of this month’s NYLON Guys.
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