Apolis Swim ’14

I wanna go surfing with the Apolis bros…

by Josh Madden

Apolis Swim '14

When you buy surf shorts--trunks to actually surf in--you want to buy them from someone who surfs. Not someone who used to surf or read a book about designing surf trunks, but someone who was in the water recently, preferably, this morning (so you know it's real).

There are a few brands out there that are really doing it right now and Apolis is one of them. The company's founders Raan & Shea Parton are from Santa Barbara and they're avid surfers who make gear for people who, well, might want to surf. The Apolis swim trunks invoke a retro feel while staying true to the modern guy, and most importantly they wear like they're supposed to.

The new collection of trunks is available available 


and the Apolis 

Flagship Store in Los Angeles

, but if you like them don't hesitate to grab them because they're selling out fast. Follow them on Twitter 


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