apple just made it way easier to replace your iphone battery


by jenny lee

Despite all the amazing features the Apple iPhone boasts, one thing that drives us insane is the iPhone's lack of solid battery life. It seems that after a few months of using a new iPhone, the battery goes rogue and stops charging to the full 100% capacity, dying within a few hours—maybe even sooner, if you've been Snapchatting a lot.

Unlike old flip phones, the iPhone battery isn't one you can just snap out and replace with a spare. In order to change your battery, you need to go to the Apple Store, where you either pay a fortune for a new battery or try to prove you're eligible for a free replacement. In the past, Apple's policy stated that you would only be eligible for a free battery replacement if the capacity fell below 50% of the original battery life.

It seems the company has since realized how absurd it is to require iPhone users to wait until the battery capacity becomes half of what it used to be. Apple has updated the policy to state that now you are eligible for a free replacement if your battery capacity dips below 80%.

It's great news for anyone who has stressed over the iPhone's quickly depleting battery life. You now no longer have to carry your charger everywhere, desperately scoping rooms for outlets. A joyous occasion, indeed!