Image Courtesy Apple

Your Rose Gold Apple MacBook Is Here!

So pretty

Today, Apple released its latest generation of the popular, much-loved MacBook laptop. The new model comes with an impressive 256 gigabytes of flash storage, an extended 10-hour battery life, better processors for 25 percent faster graphics rendering, a Force Touch trackpad, and is—finally—completely fan-free for an absolutely silent experience. As a representative for Apple said, this edition “is the thinnest and lightest Mac we have ever made and it’s our vision for the future of the notebook.”

Yes, the technical specs are highly impressive (that fan-free operation is particularly attractive) and even for the $1,299 starting price, this baby has so much to offer. But even more importantly, the computer comes in rose gold. Love it (we do) or hate it (others might), it’s a massive attention grabber and will finally let you match your laptop to your iPhone or your Apple Watch. 

But, hey, not everyone would want a laptop in that color. No worries, the model still comes in the traditional silver finish, a stunning black, and, get this, yellow gold. Yep, yellow gold which would also go with your iPhone or Apple Watch (if that’s your deal), as well as many of your other day-to-day accessories. 

For more specs and details about the new model, click here. If you’re already sold and just want to buy one already, head here.