Your iPhone’s New Feature Could Prevent You From Taking Photos At Concerts

    It’s in the early stages

    by · June 29, 2016

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    If you’re of the mind-set that people should live in the moment rather than try and capture every major event with their iPhone camera, you’ll be relieved to know that Apple is in your corner. The tech giant has been granted a patent that could prevent people from snapping photos at concerts, movies, and other “sensitive events.”

    According to the patent, which was filed back in 2011, the camera would have the ability to detect an infrared signal with encoded data at any event that chooses to emit one. If that encoded data is detected, “the circuitry may route at least a portion of the image (e.g. the infrared signal) to a circuitry operative to decode the encoded data.” In other words, if an infrared emitter is located somewhere where photography is prohibited, your camera will pick up those signals, disabling your photo and video capabilities.

    While the prospect of not being able to use your camera at your own discretion may seem a touch Orwellian, it’s also a step toward us, as a generation, taking our power back from those sleek, shiny overlords we call our iPhones. The new technology can also be used to display information on your phone about an object you photograph at places like a museum.

    So before you start panicking, take a deep breath and remember that Apple usually knows what it’s doing. And besides, walking around with a photo disabling infrared signal while you’re having a bad hair day may not be such a bad thing.

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