maria mikkelsen finds all the real girls in nyc!

by nylon

It's cold, it's hot, it's wet, it's hazy - it's April in New York City, when you can literally go from a beach-worthy day to a hail storm in under five hours.

To deal with the rapid changes outside, and the strict Cool-Or-Be-Killed dress codes of the city, the girls of Manhattan have adopted a layering approach that keeps them warm and dry, but also contrasts the tough-girl look of army cotton and studs with the flirty, glam aspects of fur and silk.

Our favorite street styles are below, but there's even more in the gallery.

Avial is soooo pretty.

Model / stylist / Opening Ceremony shop girl Vanna Youngstein mixes it up.

Hanneli is not as chilly as she probably should be...

Varina mixes up black and white stripes and colored knits.

Hanna was an uncredited character in "An Education."

Guess which supermodel this is? Guess!  Guess!  Guess!  (Isabel Goulart)

Long hems: They're happening.

Casual outfit + red lipstick = gold.