Arcade FIre Afterlife

the band drops a mini-movie for “afterlife.”

by liza darwin

The best part about Arcade Fire videos---besides, you know, the music itself--is the fact that they're often much more than just the songs. Not that there's anything wrong with a straight-up performance vid or a dance break, but the Canadian band prioritizes telling a story above all else. It happened in "The Suburbs," "We Used to Wait," and, most recently, in "Reflektor."

Whether they're recruiting directors like Spike Jonze or going the interactive route, these guys take their tracks above and beyond, and the clip for their new single "Afterlife" is no different. Like "Reflektor," it's long-- almost eight minutes long. Directed by Emily Kai Bock and produced by The Creator's Project, the story follows a pair of suburban boys and their inner monologues, switching back and forth between an achromatic dream sequence and shadowy real life. Get lost in the video below....just don't blame us when you never want to leave.