music video: arcade fire

play along with their new interactive video!

by steff yotka

There's almost nothing we'd rule out of the list of things Arcade Fire would do. From add and subtract band members faster than we can keep track of to singing in foreign languages, the band is renown for their brand of strange-in-a-good-way theatrics.

Their latest music video is no exception to the hip weirdness the band loves. For the track "Reflektor" off their upcoming album out October 29 (also titled Reflektor, FYI), the band created an interactive music video that you can control with your phone, tablet, or mouse. We tested out the mouse method, and can safely say that it is addicting. By moving the mouse around the screen, we're able to shift the focus of the video, create trippy lighting effects, and flash the words "break free" over the video. 

This isn't the band's first rendezbous into interactive media either, the videos for "Neon Bible" and "We Used to Wait" also used innovative technology to get the viewer involved. Watch the latest from Arcade Fire here and say goodbye to your afternoon productivity.