Arcade Fire Reflektor Album Stream

our 5 fave new tracks of the week—plus stream the entire arcade fire album!

by nylon

Say Lou Lou - "Better in the Dark"

To say a song gives you deja vu is painfully cliche, but maybe calling out the deja vu of the term deja vu cancels itself out? Either way, Say Lou Lou's debut single since signing with Columbia has me recalling that time I danced all night in Paris under a spinning disco ball. OK, that never happened. Mercury, please leave retrograde. Pronto. MELISSA GIANNINI

James Vincent McMorrow - "Cavalier"

Reasons why the debut single off of the Irish singer-songwriter’s forthcoming full-length album, Post Tropical, could very well be the best thing we've heard in a while: 1) McMorrrow shows off his unwavering falsetto (no joke, FF to the two-minute mark). 2) Nostalgic lyrics about his first love are harmoniously balanced out by a subtle orchestral build-up in the background. 2) The ending will leave you super self-reflective, in the best way possible. It's haunting. It's honest. It's raw. It's going result in you making a beeline for a pint of Ben and Jerry's. BANU IBRAHIM

Kelela - "Go All Night"

It's no shock that we here at NYLON HQ have a mild, OK huge, obsession with Solange. So when we heard that her newest music venture, Saint Records, released its first single off a 12-track compilation album, Saint Heron, our ears rejoiced to the sound of sweet, unadulterated R&B. The looping of a simple beat, Kelela's reserved voice, with a touch of spot-on harmonies boasts a new era of slow jams that transcend the genre. BI

Childish Gambino - "3005"

Not sure if you've been following Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)'s Instagram, but the appearance of this track--the debut single off his sophomore release because the internet--is good news. It's also a very good song, full of lyrical flips, swerve-y buzzes, flexible flow, and cathartic, floor-shaking drops and blasts. MG

Ecstasy - "Exhale"

From its wall of synth intro to its group-shout harmonies, this lead track off the band’s debut EP doesn’t exhale until the very end of its nearly four minutes, fading like a sky dusted with stars twinkling to black. MG

PLUS! Stream Arcade Fire's new album Reflektor right here--scroll down to listen to all of the tracks featured in this week's Good Listener.