Ariana Grande Drops A Sexy, Sexy Video For “Dangerous Woman”

The pony is freed!

This morning, your girl Ariana Grande dropped the video—or as she refers to it, “Visual 1”—for her single “Dangerous Woman.” The first video off of her forthcoming album Dangerous Woman, it was teased by the singer earlier in the week. And friends, it’s just about as sexy and, well, Ariana Grande as one could have hoped for.

Most importantly, Grande’s ponytail is down. Yes, you read that right—the pony is freed! Actually, that is the only truly unique thing about this video/visual, which is essentially just Grande steaming it up for the camera in some very expensive looking underwear. 

The absence of the ‘tail, and the bouncing and swaying of Grande’s now unencumbered, well-conditioned hair is a watershed moment in pop music history. One day we will all look back on this and remember where we were when we first saw it. 

Is this the beginning of a more adult Grande? The end of her “sexy baby” phase? Experts have their doubts, but this video seems to hold the answers. Watch above and have Grande’s freed hair whisper them to you.

Grande’s full album, Dangerous Woman, is due May 20.