Ariana Grande Recalls The Moment She Almost Died

Break free, Ariana!

Dangerous woman Ariana Grande nearly died last year. (Hey, that's what you get for living on the edge.) During a recent visit to Alan Carr's Chatty Man show, Grande recalled a moment during the opening night of her tour that could've been the end of it all.

According to the "Break Free" singer, during the "opening night of my Honeymoon tour, I almost died. For real, I'm not exaggerating. I usually exaggerate, but I'm not." She goes on to describe how "those toaster things where people come up from the stage" malfunctioned. "Something happened with mine and I was singing the beginning of 'Love Me Harder' and I was going up on the thing, and long story short, the thing I was standing on had this wooden plank and it snapped!" Yikes! First a demon haunting and now this? Talk about a venti-sized literally can't even right now. She continued, "The thing was still going up, so I was being pushed against the stage, and it was some Indiana Jones shit, and it was really scary." She said that she had to "Superman myself out of the thing" with the help of her guitar player. "I went on stage a different way," she said. "It was really scary." For the record, here's a video of the performance, below. You can hear her stumble a bit over the words—because she was being crushed and all—before walking out on stage, instead of popping out.

"It sounds like you were in the trash compactor in Star Wars," Carr said. "Yes, yes!" Grande replied. "I was Carrie Fisher in the trash compactor." Ariana Grande, the princess of breaking free.