Ariana Grande’s “Into You” Is Basically The New “We Found Love”

See it to believe it

Watch out, world: There's a Dangerous Woman on the loose! This is a new era of Ariana Grande, and we're lucky to be living during it. Today, she dropped the music video for her latest single, "Into You," and it's giving us major flashbacks to Rihanna's "We Found Love." (She even saunters around in frayed denim outfits while an intense channel of wind constantly blows.)

The Hannah Lux Davis-directed visual captures a modern-day romance in the middle of a desert with motorcycles, motels, and fluorescent fuchsia lights. Now we totally get what Ari means when she says, "A little less conversation and a little more touch my body.” Don Benjamin plays her love interest, and we can't stop drooling because he is so fine.

You're not living life to the fullest until you've downed a bottle of what we assume is Champagne and make out with your boo on top of an ice box. Did you think that eating gummies out of your lover's mouth or walking animal crackers on their chest was hot? Try raising a bowl of fish together. Who needs the club when you can stay at the Honeymoon Inn? Wait until you reach the plot twist, though—it'll make your jaw drop.

Hard to believe that this used to be the girl from Nickelodeon with the red velvet hair... Take a ride on the wild side as all the drama unfolds in the video, above.