Photo via @msleamichele


ariana grande + lea michele sing the spice girls

while on helium

Ariana Grande discovered a new app over the weekend called the Crazy Heliumbooth. It’s free (score!) and apparently incredibly addicting: One scroll through Grande’s Instagram feed is all the proof you need.

To demonstrate the groundbreaking application, Grande and her Scream Queens co-star Lea Michele sang the Spice Girls’ iconic 1996 hit “Wannabe.” It’s pleasant, but thankfully only lasts the 15-seconds or so Instagram video allows. No shade towards the two ladies, but their voices are much too big and powerful to be reduced to that of a chipmunk. They deserve to be boisterous forces of sonic nature, after all. But hey, at least no real brain cells were actually harmed in the making of this video. Thanks, Crazy Heliumbooth!

(via Cosmopolitan)